Culture and Values of the AC GroupAccommodation


The AC Accommodation  is a growing organisation. And not just because it is growing annually, but because growth and reinvestment represent some of the hallmarks of our identity. Since its inception, the Group has closed its financial year with profits. Profits which, until today, have never been distributed among the shareholders, but reinvested to keep growing, to expand our activities and to break into new markets. So for the AC Accommodation, growth is not only an aspiration or good business performance; it is basically a way of being.

This growth is apparent today in one fact: it is the first global hotel consortium.

We are a young, dynamic business group which aims to respond with agility and speed to market demands and we strive to stay ahead of these changes.

Innovation is one of our core values. Always keen to explore new terrain, new possibilities and, above all, to experiment, because the world has always been fertile ground for those who dare to take a step further. Innovation takes shape through our preference for the avant-garde, for technology, design, young people ...

A growth that is based on talent and ideas, but fundamentally on hard work. Effort and austerity are at the core of our identity.